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Our Features Include


Make A Contribution

Our giving solution is a very easy process that is on both desktop and mobile. Make a Contribution, Choose method of payment and you're all done.


Recurring Giving

With recurring giving available, there is no more stress on making sure you have made a contribution.


Create A Wallet

Tired of having to type out your payment method and billing information all the time? Well now you can save your info into a wallet item.


Contribution History

Keep track of all your contributions from both one-time to recurring contributions.

Giving Rates

GIVE pricing is simple for churches and organizations of all sizes: start at cost rate with an additional 1% + 10¢ per transaction.


Our Rate is Cost* + 1%.
*Cost is defined as interchange, dues and assessments, brand usage fees as assessed by the card issuers, authorization, switching, AVS, capture, settlement, batch and international surcharges as applicable.

About Unify

We are a team of designers, developers, and strategists with a vision to provide tools that move the Church forward. Our goal in developing the UNIFY app was to empower the local church with real time community touch points. Mobile Technology and engagement has grown faster than any other communication channel to date. This is why we are convinced and resolute in our commitment to providing the most scalable, affordable, and user friendly app experience for Churches and Ministries around the world. Welcome to UNIFY!

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