Frequently Asked Questions

Does the UNIFY app provide real-time control over content?

Yes in your CMS admin dashboard.

Will there be any additional costs?

Additional modules in the future may have a small monthly charge to cover extra data storage costs.

What will Give cost us?

If you use our online giving system, it will save you money and we will handle everything for you. The only fees will be associated with electronic payments, unless you choose a bank or other merchant. Pricing is on our website.

Will there be a contract?

No, there are terms and conditions and we will send an invoice.

How long does it take to get my app live in the app stores?

The quicker you get your images, content, and metadata in the system, the quicker we can submit your app to the stores. Android is a quick turnaround. Apple requires 7-10 business days to approve an app.

Once I have completed my registration, what do I do next?

You can start uploading your content (Blogs, Events, and Media) in your Dashboard and then complete steps 1-3 to submit your app.

Does the Contact & Location feature include maps and directions?

Yes, driving directions will be from Google maps.

Will I be able to upload my logo and splash screen? What images?

You will receive access to the wizard where you can upload your logo, splash screen, define your app colors, etc.

Any limits on video size or even how many videos I can post for storage?

You can use YouTube, Vimeo, or your own media hosting provider. We are not hosting the media and will not restrict or impose limits.

Are Push Notifications included on the basic package?


How do I upload my audio/video files to the Media section?

Once you upload a Media file to your media hosting provider, you will click on Assets and that is where you will upload the audio/video URL link (from YouTube, Vimeo, etc), but please remember to upload the entire link for each individual file; not a webpage link.

How can I update my images in the future?

You can update your images in your CMS admin dashboard at the top and click on My Application.

Why are my images being cut off?

Please make sure your images are the correct size and format as posted and make sure your Splash Screen image fits inside the iPhone dimensions.

Can I post past events on the app?

Upload future events only, as past events won’t post to the app.